Top 5 Radio Stations to Consider for Self-Improvement in the UK

Self-improvement is a journey through easy and difficult times. It involves self-awareness, behaviour change, and unfailing commitment. Some of the activities involved in self-improvement are easy and enjoyable but the majority of them will cost you things

BBC Radio 4

Radio 4 is one of the most listened to radio stations in the United Kingdom, only second to Radio 2. The station is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation and has been broadcasting on the airways since

Radio Usage in War

Broadcast radio or known technically as one-way transmission broadcast, has changed the world quite dramatically over the past 100 years. And this sentiment was never truer than in the First and Second World War. Here you will

How Radio Changed the World

The internet is touted as the most influential technology to change the world in a very long time, and there is no disputing the fact that this is indeed true. However, before the internet there was radio

Pirate Radio Broadcasts

When a radio station broadcasts, it has to pay for the wave space it uses which is regulated by a third party. However, not everybody wants to pay for the air space and many people choose to

An Overview of Radio

Radio has been a part of everyday life for almost 100 years. Though at first, they were only used to communicate for professional purposes, such as in military operations, their usage was quickly proliferated and by the

History of Radio

There is much debate surrounding the invention of the radio. There was not a single individual or moment that radio was invented, rather it was a collection of ideas and discoveries that eventually formulated into the radio

AM and FM Waves

There are two primary ways which we can be broadcasted when it comes to the traditional form of analogue radio. These two different waves are known as AM and FM. AM stands for Amplitude Modulation and FM

The Modern Digital Rradio

So you have learned about the different ways that one can broadcast through traditional method, AM and FM respectively, however, the advent of the internet has dramatically altered the way in which people listen to the radio.