In the pages of this site, we will take a detailed and in-depth look at several aspects of radio. As one of the crucial invention of modern times, the radio has changed the way we communicate; receive information and it has become one of the most favorite thing to pass time.

We will begin by giving an overview of the radio and sketch out what it is and also how it works. We will then take a look at the history of radio which is more complicated than most people realize. It was not a Eureka moment, rather several small developments which eventually lead to what we understand as the radio today. AM and FM are two terms which we often hear in relation to the radio, however, few people understand what they truly mean, so we will give a detailed insight into their definition.

Once we have established what the radio is and indeed how it works, we will then look at some social impacts of the radio and discuss how it changed the world. We will also look in more detail on how the radio was used in the wars that were fought, not only to arrange military combat but also to inform people and boost morale amongst the downtrodden population.

We will conclude by looking at pirate radio which is the illegal use of radio waves for broadcasting. We will also be looking at a case study of a very popular radio station: Radio 4, the second most popular station in the United Kingdom.