How Radio Changed the World

The internet is touted as the most influential technology to change the world in a very long time, and there is no disputing the fact that this is indeed true. However, before the internet there was radio and in modernity people ofteun-radio-dayn forget just how influential the radio was. Here we will detail some of the ways radio has changed the world.

Communication is of one the main benefits of radio. Without the use of radio, many experts wonder whether we would have discovered the modern day mobile phone. Radio means that we can have a two-way communication between two individuals or more anywhere in the world. This was especially useful in when it was invented in the 19th century as before that the only way of communication was through letters, which took a substantially longer period of time to deliver the message.

Knowledge and information are other ways radio has benefitted the society. Before the internet and television, many people relied on the radio to get up to date information on current events and as a course of education through documentaries, something which many stations, especially public stations still put a large emphasis on.

The music industry was, and still is a huge benefactor of the radio. It is a way of reaching mass audience that doesn’t have to source the music themselves. Even in the age of the internet, many people tune into a particular radio station to listen to their favorite songs, and discover new music. Many artists have gained popularity through radio which otherwise might well have slipped under the radar.

Related to music is the notion of the radio providing entertainment. Many people used to, and many still do, tune into the radio to listen to their favorite comedy show or soap opera. The Archers, broadcasted on Radio 4 in the UK is the longest running soap in the world.